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Walking alongside you at your lowest points

Mission Statement

Young woman wearing medical coat at the clinic as therapist

At Groundwork, we believe that strength is built by positive support. Our goal is to consistently encourage holistic development by assisting our clients with protective factors.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to increase our clients’ outlook on life through our care center. We desire to help build your new beginning through a revolving environment that encourages groundbreaking change.

Our Company

At Groundwork Behavioral Health Services, we’re building you from the ground up, fortifying each individual’s future success for a lifetime. We are consistently developing foundational blocks that help during the transitioning process. Groundwork provides a multitude of services that support our clients, and together with the experts on our team, we stage a comprehensive intervention that best suits each client.

Servicing adults and children in the Baltimore area, our overall wellness program is like no other.

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